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Our School

Atakent Sehit Selcuk Paker Anatolian High School is set in Istanbul, in the west of Turkey. The covered programmes our school offers foreign languages (English and German), literature, social studies, science and math. After their graduation, our learners are motivated to continue their education at university.

There are 1208 students and 71 teachers in our school. Students are aged between 14-17 years old. Our teachers work in a supportive environment. They are eager to participate in national and European projects. Technology is used in all classes. There are smart boards and computers in each classroom.

The school's motivation to join this project is to give learners and teachers a wider perspective on their view of the world. Taking part in such a partnership will give our students an opportunity to learn in a multilingual and multicultural environment. In this way, they will surely understand that humanity has always something common to share, which will also lead to understanding the diversity in unity. Moreover, it is a wide-open door to realize the importance of learning a foreign language as a communication device. As a teaching tool; working on educational comics, illustrating them together, designing various artistic forms will motivate learners to produce their own work and help them understand various intercultural dimensions.

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